Big Finish Review – Doctor Who – The Lost Stories – “The Guardians of Prophecy”

(special thank you to Big Finish for providing me with a review copy!)

The TARDIS materialises on Serenity, the last surviving world of the Traken Union. Peri expects a good place for a holiday – not tomb raiders, a labyrinth filled with terrifying monsters and a trap-laden necropolis.

For Serenity’s gentle name belies its history as the home planet of the Melkur, soldiers created to serve a long dead dark force, the embodiment of evil itself. Whilst they sleep, vicious thieves are after this force’s secrets, and will stop at nothing to find them.

But will they find more than they bargained for?

STARRING: Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Graham Cole (Ebbko/Melkur), James George (Mura), Nigel Lambert (Auga), Simon Williams (Guardian), Stephen Thorne (Malador), Victoria Pritchard (Felia), Glynn Sweet (Horgan), Duncan Wisbey (Escalus)

I’m sure that those of you who saw me at Phoenix Comicon are less than surprised to see a Big Finish review here. Well, what can I say? They are a company that, in general, does an exceptional job with their products, and this one is no exception.

I like that this story returned us to Nyssa’s home area, the Traken Union. Yes, Traken itself may be gone, but it was good to see that at least one of their worlds survived, even if it’s a world that I wouldn’t really care to live on.

I must give credit to the writers for how they approached this story. I thought it was going to be the usual, “Doctor gets caught up in a revolution against a dictatorship and has to help the rebels,” kind of story, but it wasn’t. It has elements of that, but then it turns into something quite different. While I was less pleased with the bad guy practically screaming, “I’m so overflowing with delicious EEEEEEEVIL!”, I was pleased with a scene later on where he discusses, however briefly, the concept of good and evil in relation to free will.

Of course the actors do their usual fine jobs, particularly Baker. In fact, if you’re one of those people I met at Comicon this weekend, and you’re looking for a story that showcases what he can do as an actor and that’s a good place to start for listening to audios, this is a good one to begin with.

Next month we have the return of a former companion. Should be interesting!


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