Grats to the Queen

Good on yer, queen!

So, good socialist that I am, I do find it somewhat odd that I’m willing to root for, and support, one of the greatest symbols of oppression in world history: the monarchy. I must admit, I’ve a soft-spot for the concept of monarchy, and I feel that a properly-run monarchy can be something that is perhaps of great benefit to its country.

But I say that bearing in mind that the only correct monarchy, the only kind I can really support and admire, is the kind that has as near to no power as possible. A monarchy that is, ultimately, subservient to the will of the people is the only kind I can countenance. But that in that kind, I find much to admire, since a good, solid, powerless monarchy brings (ideally), status, stability and a certain kind of romance to a country.

The United Kingdom and its Commonwealth are ruled over by such a monarch. Queen Elizabeth II has little to no real political power, and that’s as it should be. But she does wield an impressive amount of emotional power, and acts as a living symbol for her kingdom. From her time serving in World War II to her current status as grandmother to a nation, the queen has been really everything one could ask for in an ideal monarch.

This weekend, she celebrates 60 years on the throne, and is second only to Queen Victoria for longest-reigning British monarch. If she can hold on another three years, she’ll break that record. I think that’s quite likely, and while I doubt we’ll see her Platinum Jubilee, her Diamond Jubilee, only the second in British history, is something to remember. Plus, hey, she’s a Doctor Who fan.

I won’t say, “God save the Queen,” because what god? I also dislike the fact that the queen is head of the Church of England. But all that aside, she’s been a nearly ideal world leader and I wish her continuing long life and good health!


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