CNN and Fox Fail

So as you probably heard, yesterday when the health care reform news came down from the court, CNN and Fox News both reported it incorrectly, saying that the mandate had been overturned. Fox corrected reasonably fast. CNN took their time. It was all sorts of fun for the late night comic crowd (here and here). CBS also got into the fun running an ad pointing out that their coverage was quick and accurate.

CNN and Fox were rightly mocked in this case, though Fox somewhat less so, since they’re nothing but a propaganda arm for the extreme right wing end of the GOP. But CNN is an actual news organization and their behavior here was inexcusable.

This is part of a general problem CNN has, and part of why I’m glad that I’ve continued my habit of not watching cable news. They’ve become, at this point, a network that prefers to do soft news as often as possible, and when it comes to something like the health care ruling yesterday, they’re happy to spend hours covering it, but they do so by having the various talking heads on to scream and shout at each other about the political angle of the ruling. At no point do I recall seeing them talk about how it’s going to affect the millions of people out there who will now have health care coverage.

Oh, well. I’m continuing to not really watch the network, which is sad. I do enjoy news, I just prefer it to be, you know, news, and not just people talking over one another.