How Much Space Do You Need?

I’m a single adult living in the sixth largest city in America. I have an apartment that’s about 660 sq ft for which I pay $428.40 a month. It’s a decent place in a decent neighborhood. Lately, though, I’ve wondered if I couldn’t do better by doing smaller.

Now I’ve lived in smaller places. Back in 1996, I moved into a room in a large house in the University District of Seattle. I paid $200 a month for a room that was about 80 sq feet. It was big enough for me to fit my bed, microwave, TV, dresser and desk. There were built-in shelves, which helped, and a shared kitchen and bathroom. A few years later, I moved to another building owned by the same person and into a room that was 180 sq feet. Again, there were built-in shelves, as well as a bed that was up on a platform well above the ground. This gave me even more space, and in addition to my previous list of furniture, I was now able to add a couch. My next place was about the same size, but I was sharing it with someone. After that, I ended up in a 420 sq foot place in Palm Springs, CA. Then I moved on to Phoenix and the two apartments I’ve had here, which were both about equal size.

I like the space I have. It’s nice to have room for various things. It’s certainly nice to have my own bathroom and kitchen, but like I said at the top, I’ve wondered if I could live in less space. It’s occurred to me lately that technology makes such a thing easy to consider. I no longer have five good-sized bookshelves full of various books. I have two small shelves and a Kindle. I no longer have 840 DVDs and blu-rays which need storage space. I now have 140 in one bookcase and a Roku. I do have a queen-sized bed, as well as a couch, love seat and a very nice chair. But it crosses my mind I could at least get rid of the love seat and still have plenty of furniture for entertaining guests.

So I’ve come to the conclusion, I think, that I could live pretty easily in a studio apartment that gave me my own kitchen and bathroom. With the current state of technology, I can have pretty much all the nice things, like movies and books, but have them in a smaller space. Come to that, I don’t even really need a desktop computer anymore. A high-end laptop or a really good tablet PC would be enough.

There’s no real point to this post, I suppose. I just think it’s really neat that I can, if I choose, get by in a much smaller area without sacrificing any of my quality of life! Excellent. Not that I’d want too small of an area, however. I’m not the guy in the video on here.


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