Sic Transit Mary Tamm – 1950 – 1920

Last month the Doctor Who world was rocked by the death of Caroline John. Last year we lost both Elisabeth Sladen and Nicolas Courtney. Today comes the news that Mary Tamm, best known for her role as the first Romana in “The Key to Time” series, has died at the age of 62.

Tamm was born in the UK and started performing on stage in 1971. She then appeared in various small film roles, but became most famous for her role in the season-long Doctor Who story arc, “The Key to Time”.

Despite being a major Doctor Who fan, I hadn’t seen the entire KTT series until just a few years ago. I was pleased by it for several reasons, and one of the most notable was Mary Tamm, who brought a wonderful energy to the character of Romana. Her ability to appear completely bored by the antics of whatever enemy was capturing/menacing her was truly priceless. She returned to the role in 2005 for Big Finish audio in their Gallifrey series, and earlier this year recorded a series of stories with Tom Baker, reuniting her with the Fourth Doctor after all these years.

Tamm had been scheduled to be at last year’s Gallifrey convention, but had dropped out due to illness. Now we know what that illness was. She is survived by her husband and family, and shall be deeply missed.


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