Paul Ryan? Really?

Positioned on the right of the article, of course.

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice-presidential candidate. I’ll admit, I was wrong. I thought Bobby Jindal was the sure pick, but there you are.

Ryan is a conservative Republican congressman representing Wisconsin’s 1st District. He’s been in office since 1999 and, as near as I can tell, hasn’t accomplished that much. On the other hand, he’s a darling among the Tea Party crowd, and apparently loves himself up some Ayn Rand. No accounting for taste, I guess.

One of the reasons to pick a particular person for vice-president is to help win the state they are from. Ryan is from Wisconsin, which is, at present, a swing state. It does vacillate somewhat between red and blue. They have an infamous Republican governor right now, but a strong legacy of Progressive governors. But frankly with the problems the governor there stirred up a couple years back…well, I don’t see it going red this time around. Plus unemployment is well under the national average, so I don’t see people voting for Romney out of economic concerns.

I think part of why Romney picked Ryan is to boost his standing with the conservatives who currently don’t trust Romney. Ryan may help with that, but at the cost of independent voters, who might very well be turned off by his conservative stances on many issues.

Ultimately I don’t think there’s anyone Romney could have really picked that would have helped much with this race. He seems to be doing worse and worse as time goes on, and as it stands right now, Obama would likely win in November. This could, of course, change, but I think Romney missed a real chance to pick someone different from the previous candidates. Instead we have the whitest man ever to run for the presidency picking another very white man to run alongside him.

And, for the record, that really goofy-looking picture is his official portrait. So, yeah.


2 Responses to “Paul Ryan? Really?”

  1. Kurt Says:

    A few minor problems with this post.
    Picking a V.P. to win that person’s home state is a pretty low priority.
    Romney wins Wisconsin easily. Not long ago the most despised Governor in America easily won a recall election, in which he was, at one point, down by 8%.
    The vast majority of undecided independents are low-information voters. That means they don’t spend a lot of time watching cable news or Sunday morning shows. So they won’t hear and probably won’t care what Ryan stands for.
    Finally, at least we can relax now, knowing who will be our next V.P.

    • Chris Says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure about Wisconsin. While the governor did win a recall election, it’s worth nothing that there are people like me who, while I despise the man and his politics, would have voted to allow him to remain in office due to principles. I’m against recall elections. So I wouldn’t make too much of that.

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