Romney Unplugged

Want to know the opinion he harbors about 47% of Americans? Take a look at this video.

There is, possibly, a germ of truth here. I do think as Americans, we are entitled to health care, housing, and food. I think that as people we’re entitled to that. I further think that in a capitalist system, when someone is unable to acquire those things despite working hard and playing by the rules, the government needs to step in and help them out. But beyond that, yeesh. This guy really is a slimeball. You can read more of his fun comments here.


3 Responses to “Romney Unplugged”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is the funny part, aren’t Republicans the party of God? What would Jesus do, deny someone health care, food and housing?

  2. twissblog Says:

    The GOP would have you think that the Bible is mostly focused on the gold standard and the estate tax

  3. Chris Says:

    I’m just amazed one of the servers at this dinner didn’t haul off and deck him.

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