Romney’s Continuing Slide

Clearly we can’t stick a fork in this election and call it done. There’s still about seven weeks or so until the actual voting, after all. But on the other hand, Romney is currently behind in almost every national poll (except the heavily-Republican skewed Rasmussen), and not behind by one or two points, but by several. This is especially nasty for him in the swing states. Many Republicans think he’s done, too, and that’s a bad thing when it’s someone in your own party.

I’m surprised, to be honest. I’ve never thought highly of Romney, but, much as I like Obama, and I do, one would think taking him down as President would be pretty easy. The economy, while improving, isn’t great and…well, ok, that’s about the only way they could attack him, but that’s a pretty big one. Yet Romney hasn’t been able to turn it around and certainly hasn’t been able to connect with voters on social issues. Of course calling 47% of the electorate parasites (which includes veterans, working families and retired seniors), doesn’t help matters.

I don’t know. Barring any kind of October surprise, I think we’re done here. I’m prepared to call it. Obama’s going to win, and he’ll win by somewhere over 300 electoral votes, though not much over. He’ll take Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and likely Ohio as well. He’s probably also going to take any state Romney could claim residency in, and will probably take Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.

Again, I might be wrong, but I’m willing to wager money right now that Obama takes it in November.


One Response to “Romney’s Continuing Slide”

  1. colin munro Says:

    God, I hope you are right!

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