Some Thoughts on “The Power of Three”

So it’s been seen and enjoyed. I was very happy with this episode. It wasn’t perfect, lacking a bit at times on the story, and the actual alien threat was dealt with way too easily, but I liked the scenes showing the Pond-Williams’ at home doing their thing. I liked that we saw them trying to move to a life beyond traveling with the Doctor, and I liked the return of Rory’s father. The revelation that, by their subjective status, they’d been traveling with the Doctor for ten years was something of a surprise, but one that I enjoyed. It was also nice to have the Zygons mentioned, even if we didn’t see them, though I suppose technically, we did.

The only problem I had, in fact, was that the whole thing was resolved with the Doctor waving his magic wand sonic screwdriver and fixing everything. I’m also 99% sure that restarting people’s hearts a: Does Not Work That Way, and b: would still result in 1/3 of the world’s population having brain damage from having been “dead” for several minutes.

But those complaints aside, I was indeed very pleased, and I really am looking forward to seeing next week’s episode, though I dread the thought of a Statue of Liberty weeping angel. I hope to heaven they don’t do it, but I’m pretty sure the temptation will be too large to resist.


3 Responses to “Some Thoughts on “The Power of Three””

  1. Michael Says:

    Haha the weeping angels have to be the LAMEST of the Who monsters. I won’t even acknowledge them as a Who monster because they are not a monster and they don’t rise to the level of the Justice Machines or the Axons. Someone please FIRE these ridonkulous writers or someone please drop some acid like Steve Jobs so we can get a little imagination going. Or hire me, you clearly need my creative mind to get this franchise going again.

  2. James Laird Says:

    I called it months ago and you know it is going to happen!

  3. James Laird Says:

    Though I will say, you and I felt exactly the same about this episode! I enjoyed everything until after the climax… The solution was just to anti-climactic.

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