Wisconsin Visit – Update One

So here I am in the so-called Badger State. Yeah! Go me. 😀 Anyhow, today was an important day because it’s the day I visited the University of Wisconsin at Madison, which is technically the point of me coming here.

Let’s start with yesterday. My flight out of Phoenix was quiet and dull, which is what I prefer on a flight. I tried doing some writing, but that wasn’t going to work with the way the seats are placed. That was ok, though. I was able to blast through a Big Finish audio and watch an episode of Community, so that was fun.

When I got here, I was met by my mom. My first words upon stepping out into the fresh, Wisconsin air? “Jesus Christ, it’s fucking cold!” And it was, too. Somewhere around 63. The horror.

We left Milwaukee and drove to our hotel in Brookfield. It’s the Brookfield Sheraton, and it’s a decent hotel. A bit pricey, but free wi-fi in the room, which is quite rare in better hotels.

We got checked in, grabbed some dinner and hit the hay. Then this morning, we got up and headed out on a roughly one hour drive to Madison, WI, passing some lovely scenery as we went.

Look! An actual red barn and silo! Americana at its best!

Upon arriving in Madison, we passed what appeared to be Oscar Meyer world headquarters with a rather familiar vehicle parked outside.

Once I got to the school, my mom ditched me to go do some research for a book she’s writing about the founding of Liberia. I went to a tour and orientation, where I learned quite a bit, and, unless things change radically, I am now certain I shall move here and attend school. Anyhow, we went on a little guided tour of the campus. Here’s some pics of that.

Lots of bike lanes in the area.

The Agricultural building

A lovely lake on the north end of the campus.

A nifty observatory!

Again with the lake.

The Tower of Compensation. Possibly.

Bascom Hall, with Abe Lincoln just sort of kickin’ it.

I also learned that President Obama will be on the UW-M campus on Thursday, and I won’t. *sigh* Here’s a pic of the stage being set up.

Then some more random buildings.

Good to see the campus is ready to fend off a Norman assault.

Finally, I did my best to get a good pic of the state capitol building. This was the best I could do.

Then we went back to our hotel. Eventually. We got lost for a little while. I shall be back to write more tomorrow, and I leave you with a reminder of just how fun badgers can be!

Aw, so cuddly. Just like me! 😀


One Response to “Wisconsin Visit – Update One”

  1. Michael Says:

    New adventures are fun! 😀

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