Wisconsin Visit – Update Two

Most of today’s stuff actually happened in Illinois, not Wisconsin. See, I figured that since I was near Chicago, it might be fun to go see the city and do stuff. I had a couple restaurants recommended to me by Roger Ebert, I had my mom and her car, and I had great plans! Those plans…did not happen as I’d expected. We completely avoided downtown Chicago, so I never really go to go to the city itself. But that’s ok, because we did at least get to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, which is housed in one of only two buildings that remain from the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

But before we arrived, we had to drive there. And it was raining. So here’s what I saw of the skyline as we reached our destination.

Chicago? More like SOGcago! Yeah! Cause that joke works!

As we got closer, I got some better pics.

Then we got to the museum itself!

Architecture! For science!

Inside the museum is this:

That is a U-Boat captured by the US Navy and put on display at the museum. It’s not a scale model or anything. That’s an actual German sub.

Note the bullet holes.

The amusing thing is that I saw at least three German families touring the ship.

Periscope optics.

Now for some photos of the Enigma machines. I took several photos, but only a few turned out non-blurry.

The real Enigma is why I can’t take a stable picture…

Now the inner workings of a torpedo! Also, apropos of nothing, there were a huge number of obviously Jewish families wandering around the museum, making it, perhaps, a Jewseum? *crickets* Perhaps not.

This thing was easily sixteen feet long.

So after the sub stuff, we poked our noses around the rest of the museum. Keeping in mind that this was built for the 1893 expo, I saw something that looked like it really came from that time.

That’s all for now. I’ll do another update tomorrow with more pictures from the museum, pics of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan, as well as my thoughts on Milwaukee and my overall experiences here in Wisconsin! For now, just enjoy all these pics of things that were once military secrets. I tell you, if I ever go back in time to 1940 with my laptop, I can change the course of the war! Then Herr Hitler is sure to reward me! 😉


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