Wisconsin Visit – Update Three

Ok, so after dealing with food poisoning, traveling home, and stuff like that…I’m finally ready to finish off my articles on my visit to Wisconsin!

When last we saw me and my mom, we were visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. That’s where we’re going to continue. Let’s start with some of the fast ground vehicles I saw there. First up, a record breaking rocket car!

The Spirit of America, sponsored, you will note, by Royal Dutch Shell.

Then some old historic trains.

And now, some historic planes!

Plus a balloon capsule, because why not?

We wind up our visit to the museum with a shot of a rather ordinary bike rack.

u c what i did there

After leaving the museum, we stopped by Lake Michigan and…well, here it is.

Then finally, I got a wonderful parting shot of the Chicago skyline!

One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back!

We then returned to our hotel, watched the debate, and I got food poisoning. I returned to Phoenix the next day. A bit of a letdown at the end, but otherwise this was a really great trip! My overall verdict on the era is quite positive, and while I’m still not 100% sure that I’ll be moving to Madison, it looks more likely than ever. I’ll keep you guys informed!


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