Where I Finally Watch a Bit of Blood and Chrome

So Syfy’s new series Blood and Chrome isn’t airing on Syfy. That’s not a huge surprise, given that the network seems to have little interest in showing science fiction. After the way they collectively burned the audience on Caprica, I was very leery about watching anything else from them. They took what could have, and should have, been a hit series, and treated it like garbage, much as they did with Battlestar Galactica.

With Blood and Chrome they aren’t even bothering to show it on TV. Well, they are, but later, as an afterthought. In the meantime, it’s being shown on the web. I had basically zero interest in watching any of it, but today I was bored, so I threw up the first episode and gave it a go.

So, yeah. Luke Pasqualino is every bit the actor I remember him being from Skins, ie: decent to look at, but not much else. He does do an acceptable American accent, however, and I will say that I liked the shot of the Galactica with the old theme music playing.

I can’t say, however, that I have any real interest in watching any further. Perhaps when it comes out on disc I’ll pick up a copy, but as it stands, eh. Pass.


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