Defense Against Tyranny

Swiped from a friend's Facebook timeline.

Swiped from a friend’s Facebook timeline.

One of the arguments gun owners and supporters like to use is that we need guns to protect ourselves in case the government goes bad. After all, the reasoning goes, that’s the main reason that the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in. You know, the one that seems to imply that guns should be in the hands of regulated militias and doesn’t say squat about every person in the country being entitled to own as many guns as they want.

This is what we call “a very stupid argument”. It might have carried some weight back 200+ years ago when the military carried muskets and the civilians carried muskets. Back then, everyone had access to the same weapons as the government. A small group of people really could make all sorts of trouble against “tyranny”. The United States also barely had any sort of military at all, as there was a belief among many of the Founders that republics shouldn’t have standing armies. This made any sort of armed resistance to the government a bit more doable.

Nowadays we have, by far, the most powerful standing army in world history. Our military is stronger than that of the next twenty nations combined. We pour money into defense more than just about anything else there is. Our military has tanks, planes, nuclear weapons, drones, submarines, aircraft carriers, bomb-disarming robots, night-vision gear, rockets, missiles, military bases all over the world, weapons upon weapons upon weapons and highly trained people who know how to use them.

So you, Mister and Misses Gun Owners, think that you need to be allowed to have your little cache of small arms in order to prevent the government from going bad? I can assure you that if the government ever did go bad, you wouldn’t have time to fire shot one before you and your arsenal were but a fading memory and an expanding cloud of vapor.

There are many valid reasons for gun ownership. Hunting, certainly, sports shooting and to a much, much lesser extent, home/personal protection. But owning a gun, or even many guns, because you think you might need to one day defend yourself against the government is not a valid reason, and it’s one that we need to cast aside in any kind of discussion.


One Response to “Defense Against Tyranny”

  1. tokyo5 Says:

    There is basically no gun violence in Japan at all …

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