Video Game Review – Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders

When I bought This game, I expected it to be like the Final Fantasy Tactics series. It isn’t that. It’s basically just Chu Chu Rocket with an FF skin. But, oh, that doesn’t make it any less fun.

In the game, your goal is to “defend” your “crystals” against wave after wave of enemy attackers. If they get past, you lose crystals. When you lose all twenty, the game is over. It’s basically an endurance race, and at the end of each wave, you get to do things like level up, add more troops, etc. The way you position your troops and the kind you place makes a big difference in how well you’ll do.

This is a very enjoyable game. It’s light and fun and it’s very easy to pick up the basics. One gets the impression it’s one of those games that’s going to be hard as heck to master, but at least it’s easy to start. I also love the FF Tactics music that plays during the combat. It makes me want to go out and recover a stolen thesis!

One word of caution, and perhaps a note to Square Enix. The game, on my Kindle Fire, is small. Basically it’s phone screen sized. On the Kindle Fire. It’s not acting like it’s anamorphic. If I viewed this on my phone, I imagine it either being normal sized, or as big as, say, a postage stamp. Neither of these are acceptable. It should size up for my Kindle Fire.

Once the programmers get that to be the case, I’ll probably go in and change this to a five star rating. For the meantime, it’s four wonderful stars for a wonderfully fun game!

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