Women in Combat

So the Defense Department has announced that women will be allowed in combat. I say this is about damn time. Long overdue, and something that as far as I know many other countries have already done. There are bound to be certain logistical problems, but I’m sure that they will be worked out.

Naturally the people you would expect to have problems with this are having problems with it. They talk about how women aren’t able to deal with the rigors of the infantry or how they will distract the male soldiers. It puts me in mind at least in part of the nonsense surrounding gays in the military. I do also hear some people talking about women as POWs getting raped. That’s certainly possible, but I imagine that if they are armed the odds of this happening are lower because the odds of them getting captured are lower.

I do hope that women will be held to the same standards as men. That’s certainly a requirement. I also hope they should have to register for the Selective Service. While I am very, very much against the draft under any circumstances (part of having freedom is having the freedom not to fight for it), I do think if we’re going to have one, they should be subject to it like men are.

Anyhow, the only real issue I can see here is that I want us to cut back severely on the military to begin with. Currently we spend more, adjusted for inflation, on defense then we spent at the height of the Cold War. That’s just sad. We need to cut back and funnel that money elsewhere. But, again, if we’re going to have a big military, women deserve the same opprotunities within it as men. That’s just sense.


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