Wherein I Encounter a Cocktail That I Like

So at work yesterday a woman came in wanting a drink. It was something particular to her, apparently, something that she’d made up. The formula for it is as follows:

1 part coconut rum
1 part vodka (Grey Goose for preference)
1 part sweet syrup
1 part lime juice
6 leaves of basil
One big scoop of ice

This drink is apparently called an Arizona Sexy Momma. When I mentioned to the bartenders what she wanted, they were at first horrified. “Basil?” they said in tones of extreme shock. But then they looked fascinated and we went for it. The drink itself was a bright greenish color, and as she’d ordered a double tall, it took up most of a pint glass. The two bartenders did a straw test and found it to be excellent. The taste started off as something like pizza and ended up with a peach flavor. I took a sample myself and was surprised. Not only did it have those two very distinct tastes, but they worked really well together. I couldn’t taste any alcohol.

So there you are. Something that’s kind like pizza and kind of like peaches and terribly interesting. Try one and let me know what you guys think!


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