It’s All Over But the Shouting

So Gallifrey 2013 is winding down. It’s been a pretty great convention for me. I managed to get sit-down interviews with Peter Purves, Finn Jones, Lisa Bowerman, Travis Richey, and Jason Haigh-Ellery. Later today, I might be getting more with Ian McNeice, Mark Strickson and Nicholas Briggs. I was going to try for Sylvester McCoy, but he seems pretty well booked-up. Of course, I also got plenty of pictures and bought a few things, because I’m happy to pay for my pleasures. What that might make me, I leave to your imagination.

I’ll be heading back to Phoenix later today. Then begins a long series of events, where I try to get caught up on my Big Finish reviews, transcribe a number of interviews, do six homework assignments and, just for fun, have a nine hour shift at work tomorrow. At least, as it’s a holiday, the money should be exceptionally good.

Once I have everything posted for WhatCulture I’ll put up the links here. Meantime, I want to thank my friend Rob, for helping finance my convention, curse the Marriott for almost un-financing it, thank my friend Lloyd for transport and sharing a room, and of course thank all the kind people here who run the convention and those who attend. Special thanks as well to the various notables who took time out of their schedules tot pay attention to me, especially Lisa Bowerman who is, we should all note, no relation to John Barrowman.


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