The Place Where I Work

I’ve mentioned before that I work at a dine-in theater run by AMC. No, not the TV channel that occasionally broadcasts Mad Men, but the movie theater chain. It’s a decent place to work and I make good money there. It’s also a fairly fun environment. It’s also a business model that might well help keep the movie theater concept alive during this age of digital media, etc. Have a read of this article that goes into detail, though ignore the fact that it mentions a different chain most of the time.

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4 Responses to “The Place Where I Work”

  1. Grundy Says:

    Mad Men? Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead is the AMC I know.

    I thought 3-D was the future of theaters. 🙂

    • Chris Says:

      3D? Oh, yes, that technology from the 1950s…and 1980s…and now, but sales are down for 3D movies, and well they should be. Most 3D movies are crap, and only three (Hugo, Avatar and Life of PI), really used the technology well.

      • Grundy Says:

        I agree. I don’t mind the animated flicks in 3-D either, but I hardly ever want to pay the extra money for it.

        • Chris Says:

          And THAT is why 3D is failing. It’s not just overused and poorly done, but it’s more expensive to no great benefit. At least at my theater you pay a little bit more, but you get a comfy seat.

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