Meanwhile, in Happy Who News

The BBC have announced that the missing episodes of “The Ice Warriors” will be animated when the story is released in August. Hooray! They will join “The Invasion“, “The Reign of Terror” and the upcoming “The Tenth Planet” as stories that have been made complete through animation. That concludes the list of larger stories that had only one or two missing episodes.

What’s next for the Hartnell and Troughton stories? I have a bit of a wishlist. I’d like to see animated versions of, at the very least, “The Crusade” (missing 2 out of 4), “The Underwater Menace” and “The Moonbase” (both missing 2 out of 4). I think these are all plausible. I think it’s also plausible that we might get some of the ones where four out of four are missing, like “The Faceless Ones” and “The Highlanders”. In my wildest and wettest, I’d like to see animated versions of “The Power of the Daleks”, “Marco Polo” and “The Dalek Master Plan”, with “Mission to the Unknown” thrown in. Of course the true dream is to have animated versions of all the missing episodes to tide us over until more are found.

But in the meantime, at least we have “The Ice Warriors” to look forward to, and that pleases me to no end!


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