Ugh. A Mid-Life Crisis Already?

I’m 40, dammit. If I’m having a mid-life crisis now then the implication is that I’ll only get to live until 80! (he types as he grabs a handful of Oreos) Nevertheless, while I don’t think I’ll ever go into the “buying a convertible” phase of a mid-life crisis, I’ve started wondering if I’m in one. Why?

Because whatever vestigial parenting desires I’ve had over the years are making a hard comeback.

Yes, this started a few weeks ago when I saw this ad on TV.

Just the look on the boy’s face, and the way his father talked, made me wish I’d had a kid of my own. This desire got even stronger a few days ago when, while at work, I watched a father playing around with his son. It hurt a bit to realize that, for many reasons, I’ll likely never have a child of my own. Adoption isn’t an option for me (though it was for one couple! Check this sweet story), and I feel it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever find a woman who is interested in reproducing with me.

It’s a sad, vaguely bittersweet thing. I’m sure in time I’ll get over this vague desire to reproduce. But for now it’s there, and I wish like heck I could do something about it.


One Response to “Ugh. A Mid-Life Crisis Already?”

  1. Susan Says:

    This is touching and sweet. I thought the article was wonderful.

    All that being said, I’ve always thought of mid-life crisis as more of a mid-life evaluation. It’s natural to take stock of one’s life. Am I happy? Are there things I’ve always wanted to do that I put off? Am I leading a life that is authentic to me, or am I leading a life someone else wanted for me?

    When we realize that life is not infinite, then we are more apt to treat the life we have left with respect and joy, leading us to live more genuine, happier lives. And that beats a red convertible any day!

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