Yet Another Great Thing From Bill Gates, Hero

So Bill Gates, known worldwide for a: Microsoft, and b: trying to give away as much money as he can as fast as he can (memo to Mister Gates: Can you and I try a Brewster’s Millions scenario, please?), has announced that his charity is funding research into a better, more pleasurable condom, something that’s captured the internet’s amused imagination.

I think this a great idea. Condoms are, frankly, annoying. They get the job done, but not nearly as well as going without, something I think most guys would agree with. If we can have condoms that are almost as good as going bare, I’m sure many, many more men would use them, and many more women would insist that they do. IF these things can be made cheap and effective, then I can easily imagine the birth rate and STD rate plummeting, and that’s no bad thing.


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