More on Tipping

Back a couple months ago I wrote an article on the importance of tipping. It was called “The Importance of Tipping“. Never let it be said I don’t come up with creative names.

Anyhow, I wanted to write a bit more on the subject. Specifically I wanted to call attention to this comic at the Oatmeal which is a good justification for why servers should get tips. Beyond that, I also wanted to highlight something that I saw on Facebook the other day. It basically said, “If you won’t tip because of a moral objection, you are required to tell your server before hand that you won’t be tipping them. Otherwise you’re just a cheap asshole.”

As a final note, I’ll point out that while Red Robin is not the best place in the world to get food, they are pretty damn good. Great burgers, and you gotta love any place that gives you bottomless fries!

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One Response to “More on Tipping”

  1. Amy Schulz Says:

    The fries keep the kids happy while we wait. I am on a diet and will not be going there anytime soon!

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