“The Bells of St. John”


Is it just me, or does the current season of Doctor Who seem to be trying to do Second Doctor stories on a higher budget? In the Christmas special, we had the Great Intelligence show up. We also know the Ice Warriors are coming soon. This episode, the mid-season premiere, also features…well, you’ll need to watch it and see. But suffice to say that I’m getting a real Second Doctor vibe so far, and that’s no bad thing.

Beyond that, I really did rather enjoy this episode. It was entertaining, didn’t have my eyes rolling and did a good job of introducing us to our third version of Clara. I’m also pleased by the Doctor’s outfit and love the TARDIS interior,as I did during the Christmas special.

Beyond that, I have no real thoughts. It looks like there’s a big baddie that’s turning up for the rest of season seven and I look forward to seeing where that goes. Fun times ahead, I suspect.


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