The Saga Continues

So I came home today to an eviction notice, an official one, on the door. Brought around on Easter. Stay classy, new owners.

Anyhow, this little notice cites all sorts of legal code and basically say that I need to fuck off out of here no later than April 29. Mind you, my rent is paid through April 30, so happy times there.

I’m going to try to meet with the new property manager this week and politely point this fact out, and say that I plan to remain until as late as 11:59:59pm on the 30th. I then plan to get in writing that doing so is kosher, because from the way these new owners have behaved so far, I think doing so is wise.

Beyond that, at least I have a new place to live all set up. Just waiting to accumulate enough money to go there.

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