More Moving News

So I was planning to move out of my current apartment at the end of the month and move to a new place. The new owners here gave me an eviction notice which, bizarrely, told me that I had to be out on the 29th. I got approval to stay up until the 30th if I wanted to. So kind of them.

Well, over the last few days this complex has emptied out impressively. I’m guessing about 50% of the apartments are vacant, and they’ve started to remove appliances, flooring and counters in preparation for a partial demolition. This has started to get me worried about security here. This isn’t a bad neighborhood, but it also isn’t the best. I’m concerned some fool looking for stuff to scavenge might instead decided to do a little B&E.

They also, over the last couple of days, have been filling in the swimming pool with dirt. This involved jackhammering a hole in the bottom so that the water wouldn’t pool (as it were), in there. Then they’ve been dumping in dirt and tampering it down with a very loud machine that simulates a small earthquake. This all starts at 8am.

As a result of this crap, I decided I’m going to move out on the 23rd rather than the 30th. Are they going to refund the partial rent for the time I won’t be living here? No, of course not, don’t be silly. Admittedly, they don’t have to, but one would think they’d be willing to in order to insure they have an apartment empty a little earlier than planned.

On the plus side, my new landlord, world-famous science fiction author Gini Koch, has said there’s no problem with me moving in early on the condition that I buy a broiler and racks for the oven. Easily done. It also sounds like getting my full deposit back here should be very simple.

So things are moving forward a bit more erratically than I’d like. Still, with luck, in twelve days I’ll be in my new place.


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