Some Thoughts on the Pope

So Pope Francis has been running the show for about a month now. I think he’s done a splendid job so far! He managed to annoy the hell out of conservatives by washing the feet of juvenile prisoners who were a: female and b: Muslim. He’s also refused to live in the papal residences, doesn’t ride around in the Popemobile (if he can avoid it), mingles with the masses whenever possible, and generally seems to grok the whole humility thing. He even called the newspaper delivery man who delivered his papers when he lived in Argentina and canceled the service himself. The newspaper guy said that the pope, when cardinal, had always saved the rubber bands from around the newspapers and gave them back at the end of each month.

What are we to make of this man? I so far see him as a decent, humble man. A man who understands that he must set a better example for a church that has really lost its way over the last few years (in the sense that it ever had its way to begin with). He’s also a pragmatist, which I like. When Argentina was about to authorize gay marriage, he spoke out against it. While I disagree with him doing so, I do note that he offered the fallback option of allowing civil unions.

So I guess so far I’m pleased. I don’t expect big reforms from him or anything like that, but he does strike me as someone who could set the stage for reforms to come. I still loathe the Catholic church as a whole, but I do like this guy quite a bit, and that’s something.


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