A Request to Facebook Users

I want those of you who enjoy forwarding various posts, bits of advice, warnings about Facebook being shut down, missing children, dying children, “truths” that “they” don’t want you to know, etc, etc, to learn these simple words:

Snopes is your friend.

Snopes is snopes.com. It’s a great website devoted entirely to urban legends and the various things they spawn. They have a great stockpile of information about all sorts of things. So if you happen across, say, a Facebook post that you’re desiring to forward (like one about KFC using mutant chickens), please first go to Snopes, type the relevant topic into their search bar, and see what you get. 99% of the time, whatever you plan to spam your friends with is utter BS.

So please. Practice safe Facebooking. Snopes before forwards! Thank you!


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