Explosions in Boston

So what we know at this point is that two explosions have occurred at the end of the Boston marathon. Dozens have been injured, with apparently two deaths. The second explosions happened about fifteen seconds, and about a block away, from the first one.

And that’s…really all that we know. We have no reason to believe that these were bombs, and I think everyone needs to remember that. Sometimes, explosions happen and have nothing to do with bombs. Gas lines explode. Steam pipes explode. The latter happened in New York City back a few years ago, and scared the crap out of everyone.

So let’s just all wait until we have more information and not jump to any conclusions. Certainly let’s not start talking about who we need to invade now.

*** UPDATE ***

Watching the Boston police commissioner. He’s now saying that there was a “third incident” at the JFK library, which may or may not be related, but they are treating it as though it is, which does make a certain sense. He is also referring to “devices”, so it does seem unlikely at this point that this was any kind of an accident.

So I guess now we wait to see who gets blamed for setting off these devices. I await all the upcoming jumps to conclusions prior to any real information. Over to you, internet.


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