Free Speech

The important thing to remember about freedom of speech, and about the First Amendment, is that they exist to support the speech we dislike. Clearly the stuff we like doesn’t need protecting.

I write this because there’s this weird guy in Scotsdale who has all sorts of strange signs up. That particular story I’ve linked to is about someone else posting up a sign on his property. That sign was rightly taken down, but I certainly stand by the property owner’s right to post up whatever signs he pleases, no matter how eyesore-y they might be.

This reminds me, in some ways, but certainly not in content, of a wackaloon in Washington State. Anyone who has driven from Olympia to Portland along I5 will know instantly who I mean. For the rest of you, I suggest you take a look at this. Or don’t. You’ll be happier. I remember vividly a sign that he had up in the 1980s that said, “AIDS IS A GREAT DISEASE. IT TURNS FRUITS INTO VEGETABLES.”

A charmer no doubt, but vile though his comments are, I stand by his right to make them. He’s an asshole, and to an extent, I’m glad that he warns the world of this fact.

So, yeah, this guy in Scotsdale? Let him post up whatever signs he pleases.

*** UPDATE ***

The farmer guy is dead. I have no further comment.

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