A Total Bastard Gets Convicted of Fraud

So, you know dowsing, right? That’s where you use a stick to detect water. I’m not talking about, say, looking for a green tree in an area of brown grass and concluding there must be water at that location. No, I’m talking about using a stick to point at things until the stick, somehow, tells you that it found water. Because sticks can totally do that.

Good for stickin' it to the Man, but not for bomb detection.

Good for stickin’ it to the Man, but not for bomb detection.

Actually, they can’t. They also can’t detect oil. You know what else they’re useless for? Detecting bombs. Yet somehow some total bastard of a man managed to convince various governments to buy his magic sticks and use them to “detect” explosives. I’m sure this would work if someone poked an explosive with the stick and it went off, but otherwise, not so much. And even that outcome would be of limited use.

People occasionally ask about the kind of harm that belief in the occult, and a wider belief in religion, as well as other things that can’t be scientifically prove, might cause. They say there’s no harm, really, that it’s just a cute, charming little pass time. Well, no, it isn’t. At best they’re fooling themselves into believing something that’s not true. At worse, they’re buying into crap like this. Crap that could get someone killed.

So at least one total bastard is now in all sorts of trouble. Good. That’s one down, with an unknown number to go.


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