Conspiracy Theories and You! – The Boston Marathon Bombing

This is so fucked-up and depressing that I almost don’t even know where to begin. But here we go.

The government done blowed up the marathon! Yessir, they did! It was the FBI/BATF/CIA/DHS/Girl Scouts what done it! They blowed it up so that they could get more power! Yeah! False flag and stuff! Yeah! Proof? What do you mean you want proof? You’re one of them! Aaaaaah!

So the latest “beyond stupid” “theory” from the Info Wars crowd is that someone, anyone other than the suspects in question, blew up the Boston Marathon. Probably the FBI. It was probably a so-called “false flag” operation whereby the government does something bad, blames it on someone else, and then gains more power.

Now to be fair, we do know this has happened exactly one (1) time in history: the burning of the Reischstag building in Germany. But that’s actually the only time that we know of that something like this happened. Oh, the “truthers” like to claim that 9/11 was something similar, but I’ve already covered their stupid-ass nonsense.

It appalls me that there are actually people out there who are capable of walking upright and using computers who, nevertheless, are so mind-rapingly stupid that they would rather believe the US government blew up its own citizens than believe that a couple asshole citizens blew up people on their own. What stupidity. What credulity. What…you know, I’m just going to let the guy in this video say it for me at this point.

Elaborate conspiracy theories just aren’t needed in cases like this. Sometimes, often, you have genuine assholes who think the best way to get things done is by killing a lot of innocent people. That’s a bad thing, but it’s easily explained through normal means. Not only does the tinfoil hat crowd not have any evidence that this was caused by the government, there’s no need for a conspiracy by the government when one by two idiots is sufficient explanation.

Frankly the fact that this one sprung up so instantly, and with no need for it and no proof, speaks more to laziness than just about anything else. So these people are stupid assholes who are also lazy and responding reflexively. They’re like Glenn Beck, only minus the charm.

Bottom line: these people are fucking morons, and praise to the guy who made this video where he shows what we’ve always known: cockroaches hate the light.

One Response to “Conspiracy Theories and You! – The Boston Marathon Bombing”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ok, so depending on how one wants to stretch the definitions, it seems there’s been a few false flag operations throughout history.

    I still stand by my central point that if you think the Boston Marathon bombing was anything other than what it appears to be, then you are an idiot.

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