TV Review – The Office – “Finale”

Well, that’s that. After nine seasons, many of which were good, The Office is closed for business. It ended with a wedding, a party, some good singing and a rather pleasant striptease. Watching the show has, over the last few years, become something rather more of an obligation than a pleasure. That said, the last episode had much going for it.

The wedding between Dwight and Angela was as goofy as anything we’ve come to expect from them. The surprise best man, who was a genuine surprise, was a wonderful touch. The return of Ryan, carrying a baby who he quickly abandoned so he could run off with Kelly, felt like the perfect culmination of both their characters. I also loved that Nellie ended up holding the baby, which she intended to take with her to Europe. I’m sure the EU immigration people will love that. Also, I’m pretty sure taking a child across international borders without the consent…oh, never mind. Rule of funny prevails!

There weren’t many false notes here. Kevin owning a successful bar did seem a bit of a stretch, but I could go with it. Daryl seemed quite pleased with where he was. Even Andy seems to have finally grown up, given up on his rather stupid dreams, and accepted a reality he could be happy in.

To me the moment of the series that really resonated was when Creed, of all people, was talking about the ability of people to take even the most mundane and crappy spaces and make a home of them. It’s true. Even people in the most horrible of situations have at least one thing that says “home” to them, and that’s a wonderful thing.

All in all, this was a good way to wrap up a once-brilliant series that may have hobbled to the finish line, but did at least complete its last few steps in style.


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