Some Thoughts on “The Name of the Doctor”

Well, holy rolling smeg. That’s about all that I can say without getting all spoilery and I wouldn’t want to Hurt anyone by doing that. So I’ll continue after the jump.



One Response to “Some Thoughts on “The Name of the Doctor””

  1. Michael Says:

    I agree, I do NOT like River Song and hope we are TRULY TRULY dun dun dun with her. She’s pompous and what has she ever done? Be gone witch! I like Matt Smith he’s really a great doctor. Making Hurt the ninth is interesting. The show is more like the old show but I can see they are weaving more female characters in to make it palatable to the growing chick nerd market. They are using more special effects, cgi and costuming as they should. It’s getting better. The old stuff still rules though.

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