Security Nonsense

This weekend I’m at Comicon. It’s my third year there, and it’s going quite well. Something is a bit different this year from previous ones, however. This year we have security guards searching backpacks as people come in.

This is, presumably, a response to the Boston bombing. It’s also something we call “very silly” and “really pointless”.

Having a minimum wage security guard pawing my stuff doesn’t make me feel any safer. Security checkpoints like this are really silly anyhow. If someone wants a high body-count event, then staging it at the entrance to a building where there’s a huge crowd of people looking to get in would be a perfect target.

Also, there’s the rather unique nature of Comicon. Picture, if you will, several people wandering around with fake guns, fake swords, fake knives, fake lightsabers, etc, etc. Rooting through a backpack does nothing when it would be simplicity itself to secure a real weapon inside a fake weapon.

All this does is create an illusion of safety, while at the same time making people feel unsafe. It’s stupid, it’s pointless and it serves no use. Can we please collectively move on from 9/11 now?


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