Comicon Finale

Well, my visit to Phoenix Comicon 13 is done. I was on a mere three panels this year, which is way down from where I usually am. I had fun doing them, though. I also had fun wandering around, seeing the sights, drooling over some of the cute people, having dinner with world-famous science fiction author Gini Koch, and generally just doing great stuff. Sure, I thought the security was a little silly, especially at an event where you can buy weapons, but beyond that, hey.

Special thanks to everyone who came to my panels, especially the Big Finish panel. Special thanks as well to my co-panelists on every panel, who put with me hogging the spotlight far more often than I should have. I’m working on that for next time, folks, I promise!

So that’s that for 2013 Comicon!

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One Response to “Comicon Finale”

  1. momand2boys Says:

    Yeah security checking my bag every time I crossed the street was a bit much – especially when they never really looked in it.

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