Trailer Review – The Purge

So I’m introducing a new category here today. I’ll be reviewing trailers. I’ve thought about this for a while now, but never got around to it. This movie’s trailer, however, oh, this movie’s trailer…yeah. I’m starting now.

Here we have a trailer for a film called The Purge. Have a look.

Alright, so I suppose the basic first question of a trailer is, “Does this make me want to see the movie?” The answer is a resounding no. There is nothing about this movie that looks even remotely good, and my first sense is that everyone involved ought to be ashamed, especially someone like Ethan Hawke, who can be doing much better.

This trailer is cut in the style of many “horror” films, with lots of quick cutaways for the ADHD crowd. I strongly suspect that the action scenes in the movie will be the same. Plus I can’t help but notice the “plot” of the film as expressed in the trailer.

In a nutshell, it’s the year 2022, crime is low (as it is now), and unemployment is at 1% (as it says in the trailer). This is somehow caused by a law that requires, not allows, but apparently requires everyone to break the law on a certain night (those who don’t are hanged). Apparently the way this works is:

1. Require everyone to break the law one night a year.
2. ??????????
3. Profit!

Now it’s just me but I can’t imagine how such a law could come about, much less in only nine years from now. This is a democracy, yes? I wouldn’t vote for it. Would you? Also, even if everyone was required to break the law once a year, I think most of us would content ourselves with jaywalking and not with violence. Lastly, how stupid is it that everyone is required to break the law, but the people in this video are wearing masks to hide their identity? Almost like they don’t want to get caught breaking the law.

So it’s a stupid premise that goes along with a mediocre trailer. All this allows me to say that, no, this trailer does not make me want to see this movie. Total. Fail.


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