Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who


In a rather surprising bit of news, the BBC have announced that Matt Smith, currently playing the 11th (perhaps), Doctor on Doctor Who is stepping down from the role at the end of the year, leaving behind three seasons of work as the character.

This is, as indicated, a rather big surprise, since he’d said not that long ago that he planned to remain for the eighth season. Myself, and many others, expected him to step down after that. But, no, apparently he’s going early.

I’m curious now as to how this will be handled. Having him leave at the end of the Christmas special opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities, especially given the reveal at the end of the season finale, and the upcoming 50th anniversary special only makes things even more complicated.

No word has yet surfaced regarding who might be the next Doctor. If I had to guess, I’d speculate that it will be someone most people have never heard of, instead of a major actor like Idris Elba or Rowan Atkinson. No matter who we get, it’s bound to be someone interesting.


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