A Female Doctor?

The 12th Doctor?

The 12th Doctor?

A friend of mine said that, in the wake of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, we might as well refer to the Internet as, “That place where everyone spends the next six months speculating who the next Doctor will be.” He’s pretty much correct. The speculation has began and the bookies are offering odds.

As usual with something like this, there’s speculation that the new Doctor might be female. Helen Mirren is apparently emerging as an odds-on favorite for a female Doctor, and Slate published an article saying that the next Doctor should be a woman. I respectfully disagree.

I think that making the Doctor a woman for the sake of making the Doctor a woman is a bad idea. It would be like making the Doctor black just so they could have a black person playing the Doctor. I dislike that sort of affirmative action.

That said, I can understand the desire to have a female Doctor, and I can even see certain advantages from a storytelling perspective. If nothing else, it would remove much of the “damsel in distress” vibe that the series frequently has, and it might mean that, for balance, we’d get an attractive young male companion, and I’d be entirely in favor of that.

But that said, what I want is the best actor the series can get for the role. If that is Helen Miirren, great! I’d be 100% in favor of her being the Doctor. I’d absolutely love to see her take on the role. If it happened to be Idris Elba, I’d be insanely pleased, since he’s a fantastic actor, and no doubt would be great as the Doctor. I’d be even more pleased if it were my personal favorite choice, Alexander Siddig. But you know what? If the actor were a white male I’d never heard of, but was also a great actor, I’d be pleased at that, too.

Should the next Doctor be female? Should the next Doctor be black? As long as the next Doctor is played by a great actor, I don’t really care about the other stuff.


2 Responses to “A Female Doctor?”

  1. A. Michael Schwarz Says:

    At first I was repelled at the idea. Then I thought about it, it would be ground breaking and sexy and if you think about the doctor mythos for a sec, why not regenerate as a woman? I mean, for a being like that, it would all be par for the course, I would think. I don’t mean in a “funny” way either. However, if you threw in the black thing at the same time, then everyone would know you’re just being PC. If this female doctor thing goes down, its a whole new era of Dr. Who and all bets are off.

    For me I still think Tom Baker was the best and can never topped. Not by a woman, not by a black man. But that’s just me.

  2. arthurthepanther Says:

    My vote (male): four way tie – Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, Bob Hoskins, Terence Stamp.
    Female: three way tie – Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Maggie Smith, and Emma Thompson.
    Tie breaking/winnowing votes?

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