DVD Review – The Lone Ranger: Collector’s Edition


(special thanks to the publicist for providing me with a review copy!)

Well, then. I’ve had exactly zero access to or contact with the Lone Ranger and his adventures. I had a mental image of something vaguely square and outdated, almost as much as using the term “square”. I saw that a new movie was coming out with Johnny Depp playing Tonto and rolled my eyes. What could possibly be in this franchise that was at all worthwhile?

Then I got my hands on this set, and goodness. It’s so much better than I expected! Yes, it’s a western, a TV show, black and white, and very old, but it’s still got a certain something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s the extreme sincerity of Clayton Moore, a man so “into” the role that he did his level best to live up to the Lone Ranger’s code, even long after he stopped playing the character. Whatever it is that he does, he does it incredibly well. He really is compelling on screen and brings the character to life.

Now the reviewer copy that I got didn’t come with the book or anything else, but I will say that the episodes themselves look great! I don’t know if they’ve been edited or remastered or anything, but they look and sound probably better than they did when they were broadcast back, way back, in the day. You get 30 DVDs at a reasonable price, and that’s pretty nice, too. This is also something that I’d feel quite comfortable leaving even younger kids in front of. They’ll enjoy the heck out of it.

Really, I can’t recommend this set highly enough. It’s well made, vastly entertaining and very much worth your money.


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