Trailer Review – Final Fantasy XV

Well, I thought after seeing this trailer. Why can’t I review video game trailers, too?

I suppose that in this case, the fundamental question is: do I want to play this game? The more fundamental question really, though, is: do I want to spend $500 to be able to play this game? See, Final Fantasy XV will be on the PlayStation 4, which is fine and dandy, I suppose. It will, however, cost you $400 for the system and likely somewhere north of $60 for the game. So after taxes, I’d be paying $500. Of course I can use the system for other games, but I don’t know that I’d want to.

So I guess that, yeah, I want to play the game. The gameplay shown in the trailer is rather vague, but the plot looks potentially interesting, and the graphics look quite lovely. I am a little annoyed that Square-Enix continues to ignore the whole “fantasy” aspect of the title. Note to game developers: having characters in a modern setting use swords does not make a game “fantasy”, it just makes your characters idiots for not using guns.

I think I’m going to have say “maybe” with regard to this game. I certainly won’t be buying a PS4 just to play it, and regardless, won’t be getting the game or the system on launch day. I’ve really enjoyed the Final Fantasy series as a whole, but I was rather badly burned on Final Fantasy XIII, and from what I gather, FF14 was a clusterfuck of unimaginable levels. Thus, I think I’ll just take a “wait and see” approach.


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