Premature Nostalgia

Slate has an article about the Millennials experiencing what the write thinks of as premature nostalgia, mostly based on the fact that the TV series Boy Meets World is getting an all new spinoff series. She seems to believe this is somehow unique or new. Incorrect.

When I was a young adult in the early 1990s, you know what was popular? The Brady Bunch, “Schoolhouse Rock”, Scooby Doo, That 70’s Show and other relics from my generation’s childhood. Twenty years had gone by, and we were antsy for our youth in an era where we were starting to feel old and frustrated.

And it certainly didn’t start with the Generation X crowd. In the 1970s, when I was born, we were given Happy Days and Grease, both relics of the 1950s. I’m sure if we look back, we would probably see adults in the 1950s pining for the “simpler” times of the 1930s. And so it goes.

Nostalgia is nothing new, and it seems to be fairly cyclical. But I suppose vaguely pretentious navel-gazing articles about the nature of nostalgia are also nothing new, so there you go.


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