Big Finish Review – The Mervyn Stone Mysteries – “The Axeman Cometh”


“Dear Mervyn. If you want to prevent a murder, then you must attend the recording at the Sounderama studios on Thursday. Signed: a friend.”

Vixens from the Void is back!

After twenty-five years, the popular leather-clad astro-erotic sci-fi television show is returning!

Well, sort of. Actually, some devoted Vixens fans have got the licence to do some audios on CD featuring the original cast, and they’ve invited Mervyn Stone to write an episode.

But that’s not the only thing he’s been invited to do. He’s also been invited to solve a murder.

He arrives at the studio, and who should he find recording her autobiography in the very next booth? Only the TV boss who cancelled Vixens from the Void twenty-five years ago.

No prizes for guessing the murder victim…

STARRING: John Banks (Mervyn Stone), Nicola Bryant (Vanity Mycroft)

So here we have the first audio version of a Mervyn Stone mystery. For those of you not in the know, Mervyn is a script writer and co-creator of the cult classic TV series Vixens from the Void. He’s also an amateur detective, who uses his powers of continuity to spot errors in people’s alibis. He’s also the star of a series of very fun books.

This is the first audio story based on the novels. As such, it needs to lure in fans and non-fans alike, as well as set the stage for what we can expect in the rest of the series. Does it do this?

Oh, yes, very much so. The story itself is pretty much as summed up in the description above. As you might expect, there’s a great many in-jokes and references to Big Finish throughout, and that works to the story’s benefit. It’s also a very well-written, entertaining story, and that’s a very good thing because the one complaint that I have is with the cast.

Now I have no problem with the work of Banks and Bryant. They both do a fine job, but I wanted a bigger cast. To an extent, having just the two of them do the voices works within the story, but I’d rather have something bigger for next time.

That minor complaint aside, I was very pleased. The story kept me guessing, and at no point did I suspect what the outcome was going to be. It also kept me entertained throughout, and really, that’s about all that I need from a mystery story.

So well done, all in all. I really look forward to future installments!

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