Confirmation Bias in Action

So last night Stephen Colbert aired a segment about “Truthinews”. Go have a look and then come back here. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

What he is referencing there is something called “confirmation bias”. That’s where people seek out only the sources of information that confirm what they already believe to be true. Whether it be a Tea Party activist who will watch only Fox News, or an “foodie” who gets all their information from anti-Monsanto sites, confirmation bias runs across every spectrum of thought and belief.

I’m sure I’m guilty of it myself, but I try not to be. I do try to expose myself to the other person’s view, ideally in more than just straw man situations. I try to escape my own personal bubble and view things the way other people view them. It’s part of why I don’t watch either Fox News or MSNBC. I stick to reasonably neutral sources, like the BBC, CNN, CBS or Al Jazeera.

There’s not much else to this, really. I just thought it was a good video and wanted to share it. Plus confirmation bias sucks ass.


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