And Down Goes DOMA

I believe this to be entirely appropriate.

I’ve been saying for years that DOMA was clearly un-Constitutional. I’m only surprised it took so long for the Supreme Court to get the case. Once they did, they made a sensible and predictable ruling, which disappoints me for only two reasons. First off, I find it a bit too limited. They still allow states to refuse to recognize marriages legally performed in other states. I think that’s a bad thing. I’m also disappointed in the 5 – 4 nature. I’d expected 6 – 3, since Roberts seems to want to be on the correct side of history. Oh, well.

It does also leave me wondering just how the Republicans are going to continue to fight this. Don’t they realize that it’s going to cost them votes, starting very soon? In fact, it likely already has. I’m pleased with that fact, but annoyed that the primary opposition party in this country is so far beyond anything I can even pretend to respect.

Those minor complaints I have aside, it was a good, solid ruling. I do believe that next we’ll get a ruling from them saying that states have to recognize marriages performed in other states. The full-faith-and-credit clause of the Constitution seems to require that, and it’s frankly foolish to say that a gay married couple living in Vancouver, WA, are suddenly unmarried when they cross the Columbia River to Portland, OR.

So until that glorious day, this is just a provisional victory, but as provisional victories go, I’m quite happy.

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