Damn Weather

So today here in Phoenix we topped out at 116 degrees (though weather.com thinks it was 119). That’s hot even by Phoenix standards. That’s hot by any standards. This is a town where the phrase, “Go to Hell,” means, “Please take a break from the June heat in Phoenix.”

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even hotter. 119, maybe even more. Gee, I’m glad global warming isn’t a thing. *eye roll* While we’re on the topic, how nice is it that the President has finally come out and said that there are not, in fact, two equally valid views on global warming? It’s about damn time. Now I just hope that the media will start treating the deniers like those who say the Holocaust never happened or that slavery was a good thing.

But whatever they do, I just want to experience it in a place where I don’t feel like I’ll burst into flame when I walk outside.

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