Where I Bitch More About the Weather

Here’s what you need to know about Phoenix in the summer. It’s fucking hot. Really fucking hot. So very unpleasant. Yesterday we had a high of 119. It’s the only time since we’ve been keeping records about such things that the high stopped at 119, though it’s gone past it a few times to 120, 121 and once to 122.

How bad is it? It’s 9:37pm as I type this and the outside temperature is 109 degrees. Mind you, sunset was almost two hours ago. This morning I woke up at about 5am to use the bathroom. The temp then? About 93. Our overnight low was something like 91 or 92.

So, yeah, summer is a horrible experience of unbearable length. But before and after summer? Oh, then it’s wonderful. But this is the price we pay, I suppose. I just wish it wasn’t so severe…and that my AC worked better.


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