Trailer Review – The Wizard of Oz…in 3D…FML

Yeah, this seems necessary.

Fuck you, Warner Brothers. This shit needs to stop right the fuck now. This business of re-doing old movies in 3D is horrible. It was bad enough with Jurassic Park, but at least that was just your basic action film, and the 3D processing was done while the director was still alive. Doing it to a film that predates World War II is rather like colorization, and we all remember how that turned out (though Ted Turner’s apology was nice).

There is absolutely nothing about this trailer that makes me want to go see this. Now let me add that if the movie were back in theaters in 2D, I’d actually like to see it. I’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz in a theater, so that might be kind of neat. But in 3D? Fuck that noise.

Neither myself, nor anyone I know, has ever sat around after watching a 2D/”normal” movie and said, “You know, that Citizen Kane was pretty great and all, but how much better would it be in 3D?” or, “Oh, if only I could watch this while wearing glasses over my glasses!”

My only hope is that the 3D thing continues to die the death it so richly deserves. Sales are down for 3D movies, 3D TV is dying off, and people finally seem to understand that this is a pointless, useless, expensive concept that serves absolutely no artistic purpose. Hopefully it will be gone soon, though I’m sure it’ll resurface in about 30 years.

I really, really hate everything about the concept of redoing The Wizard of Oz in 3D, and I hope it fails so spectacularly at the box office and in home sales that studios get horrified by the thought of ever again crapping all over their classics.


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