Yet Another Reason to Not Watch The View

Not that I was ever going to start watching The View in the first place, but now I’m really not inclined to do so. You see, they’ve hired psychotic child-death advocate Jenny McCarthy to join the show. Ok, perhaps “psychotic” is a strong word. But I stand by the rest, since she, along with a certain lying piece of shit, is very much against vaccination (believing, wrongly, that it leads to autism), and we know that leads to kids (and adults), dying.

I’m very disappointed that any project with a respected journalist like Barbra Walters attached to it would do something as irresponsible as to give the likes of McCarthy as podium from which to speak. The woman is very much anti-science and, as I said, clearly prefers children to die as opposed to them getting autism, which doens’t happen anyhow. My view (ha!) on this subject remains unchanged: if you do not vaccinate your child, then you are an irresponsible, abusive parent and your children should be taken away.


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