Another Country Down

So England and Wales are going to have gay marriage starting next year. Well, what can one expect when your country is ruled by a queen?

Stupid jokes aside, to me this highlights how conservatives in this country can really stand to learn something from Conservatives in that country. For it was the conservative leadership who pushed for gay marriage against the will of the party. They pushed hard, and go it through, and now, when the next elections are held, that’s one less social issue for Labour and the Liberals to beat the conservatives over the head with. This is especially relevant to the young.

If the GOP were to adopt the same stance on gay marriage, and moderate their views on other social issues, how many voters could they get? It’s not like the GOP base is going to suddenly vote Democrat because the Republicans back off on abortion, gay marriage or welfare, and it means that people like me, who find the Republican stance on social issues to be truly vile, might be inclined to give the party a second look if the social issues weren’t…well, an issue

Conservatives around the world need to understand that they really cannot win on social issues. By definition, conservatives have been on the wrong side of every single social issue ever to come along. They should really just keep their mouths largely shut on such things, or at best make the occasional “tut-tut” or “harumph” about declining morals. Do that, and they might just stand a better chance of winning elections in the future.


One Response to “Another Country Down”

  1. bradcastro Says:

    Just came across your blog the other day – fantastic stuff.

    I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative myself, which means I find it hard to find anyone to vote for (without feeling dirty afterwards). So on the surface, I agree with your point about the Republicans needing to take social issues off the table if they expect to win national elections.

    But I wonder what would happen to a big part of their base – in particular, their primary election base – if they actually did that?

    As you say, social conservatives aren’t about to start voting Democratic.

    But I wonder if they would split the Republican Part and start a 3rd party?

    I don’t know the U.K political scene, but I don’t see social conservatives here being willing to remain in a party they feel would be no “morally” different than their sworn enemies. And while there is a definite generational difference among evangelicals, it may be a while before the demographics begin to hit the tipping point.

    Congrats to the U.K. in any case.

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